Top 10 Churches In Venice, Italy

Italy has a long history of churches and religion especially in the region of Venice. These include basilicas, cathedrals, and worship centers. Research shows that Venice has over 250 different churches which are all functional even up to today. Here is a list of top 10 churches in this region.

 Churches In Venice, Italy1) Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of St. Mark

This is one of the Roman Catholic churches in Venice. It was started in the 11th century and it was completed in 1092. The church is within the Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Venice. In addition to that, the church has been known for long as Chiesa d’Oro (Church of Gold) to represent wealth and power.

 Churches In Venice, Italy2) Basilica of SS. Giovanni E Paolo

It is also known as the Basilica of San Zanipolo or the Basilica of Saints John and Paul. It grew famous due to its funerary monuments on the ground where these two saints were buried. Since the 13th century, the church has had many visitors who aim to see the funeral monuments.

 Churches In Venice, Italy3) Basilica Del Santissimo Redentore

This church grew famous after the plague that affected many people in the region of the Giudecca Island region. As many people sought for survival in the church, it became viewed as the haven for the rebirth. It has the paintings and designs which were invented by famous artists such as Jacopo Tintoretto and Pietro Vecchia.

 Churches In Venice, Italy4) Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

The church was used early as a landmark to trace the Grand Canal. It was also a safe haven for the people of Venice who were escaping the plague in the 17th century. After the plague, the church became a common place for worship among the people.

 Churches In Venice, Italy5) Chiesa di San Franscesco della Vigna

It was a project designed and developed by Jacopo Sansovino. The church’s bell tower can be seen from far distances. It has served the people’s need for worship and sacred functions since the 15th century.

 Churches In Venice, Italy6) Santa Maria Matter Domini

Since the 10th century, this church has been an essential ground for social gatherings and for worship purposes. The church was designed and built by the contribution of Jacopo Sansovino and Pitro Lombardo. It has an altar that depicts the Vision of St. Catherine the Martyr.

 Churches In Venice, Italy7) The Church of San Sebastiano

The church’s history goes deep into 15th century. However, it got consecrated in the later centuries. It is found in the Dosoduro district of Venice. It has very many peintings depicting the early stories in the Bible, for example, stories about Esther and the last supper.

 Churches In Venice, Italy8) San Stefano

This church is in Campo Santo Stefano. The ground on which the church was constructed was used for social gatherings and worship since the 8th century. Later on, the church was constructed and completed by 15th century. It is among the parish churches in Vicariate of San Marco-Castello.

 Churches In Venice, Italy9) San Zan Degola’

This is a Russian Othordox Church which is in Snta Croce in Venice. It dates its worship and social operations from the 11th century. The church was supported by Pesaro Family who led to most of its development.

 Churches In Venice, Italy10) Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

This church is in San Paolo Campo dei Frari. It was constructed in the Venetian Gothic style of architecture. It has operated for than 10 centuries and it highly values the contribution of saints such as Virgin Mary, Bartolomeo, John the Baptist, Paul, and John in the faith of the church.


Since the 10th century, Venice has been the center for religion and worship. It attracted many people towards constructing churches and worship centers. Mainly, the Roman Catholic Churches dominated the region. However, there are also many other churches in the region.