Prophecy and the Kingdom of God

Most of the biblical content address prophesies about the future. At times, the happenings that take place in different places in the world showcase the Bible as being accurate in everything it says. Many events in the current world are appearing as prophesies which have been outlined in the Bible which have come true.

Therefore, with prophesies acting as the evidence, we can easily predict about the future events. According to the Concordance by Well Strong, a prophecy is when a prophet speaks forth in divine inspiration. It is also prediction with an idea of foretelling the events that will take place in future especially about the Kingdom of God. A prophecy is also uttering forth in declaring something which can only be known through divine revelation.

Today, many people are seeking horoscope and fortune telling as a way to learn about their future. However, this is contrary to what Christianity requires about us. Instead of learning about the future from fortune and horoscope, we should read the Bible and relate its prophecies with our future.

However, horoscope and fortunes only talks about generalizations about different issues. Thus, it is impossible for individuals to predict what will happen in the future. Generalization on different issues in the world may not be able to showcase the future about individuals.

Instead, people should make predictions which are necessarily based on the likelihood and possibilities of taking place. Unlike the horoscope and the fortune tellers, the Bible’s prophecies about the future can provide us with guidelines and instructions about the future. We can solely rely on the Bible in order to learn about our future and what we will pass through in times to come.

The Bible is straight-forward in talking about the events of the future and what will take place. It does not use riddles and vagaries in explaining what will happen later in future. Rather, it directly promises us on what will happen.

For example, in the books of Revelation, Psalms, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, and John among other biblical books, the Bible promises that Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. By then, the Kingdom of God will come to us. Every righteous soul will leave the earthly live and go to heaven.

Throughout the race to Heaven, the Bible guides us through outlining some of the events that will take place before the eventual Kingdom of God. These are the events that will take place in the non-so-distant future in the world. They include: signs of Jesus Return, Rebuilding Jerusalem, and the Great King.

These events are believed to affect everybody in the world, for instance, the emergence of different technologies in almost every front of the life of human beings. Technologies are believed to be among the leading cause of disease, deaths, and paganism in the world.

In the wake of these events and changes in the world, the Bible shows that the Kingdom of God will soon be with us. However, it will not be for the souls that have given themselves out to the earthly things. Rather, it will be for those who have devoted themselves to serve Christ as they live in this world.