The Best Universities In Europe

Studying in Europe has never been easier like it is today. This is because Europe has several universities which are famously known across the world. They offer a wide range of top quality courses to both local and international students. These include:

University of Cambridge in UK 1) University of Cambridge in UK

University of Cambridge is famously known as a hallmark for academic excellence. With commendations such as Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Cambridge has gained a lot of credibility due to its immense development.

ETH Zurich in Switzerland 2) ETH Zurich in Switzerland

It is one of the top science and technology universities in Europe. ETH has produced several Nobel laureates such as Fritz Haber and Wolfgang Pauli. Being in Switzerland, it is in an appropriate nation for agricultural, sciences, and technology courses.

Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in Paris, France 3) Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in Paris, France

ENS is known for its strict application as well as learning process. However, it is also best in achieving the best grades among students in diploma, degree and post-degree courses. You can enjoy learning French as you learn other courses such as arts, sciences, and languages.

Aarhus University in Aarhus Denmark4) Aarhus University in Aarhus Denmark

Aarhus University is known for its open treatment to its students. In as much as the university is geared to maintaining top grades to retain its reputation, it also encourages students to have fun in weekend clubs and parks. It offers courses in business, arts, health, science, and technology.

Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland 5) Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland

This university offers different undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as science, languages, technology, and business. This university is among the top universities in UK.

University of Oxford in England, UK6) University of Oxford in England, UK

According to, Oxford University is the oldest university in UK. It has been under operation since 1167. With over 50 postgraduate and over 150 undergraduate courses, the university is a solution to many students. It has numerous facilities such as laboratories, resource centers, libraries, computing facilities, and botanical garden.

History of Hermetic philosophy and related currents. Amsterdam University Netherlands7) University of Amsterdam in Netherlands

This university has over 160 degree programs which are taught in English. The university is largely known for its international approach in education. Currently, it has over 3,000 students and researchers from over 100 countries.

University of Bologna in Italy8) University of Bologna in Italy

It was founded in 1088. Thus, it is believed to be the first or the oldest university in Europe. In 2014-15, the university recorded the largest number of students in Europe with a total number of 85,000 students. It has a couple of degree programs in business, social and natural sciences, hospitality, leisure, and sports, mathematics, arts, and engineering. Some of these courses are offered in English.

LMU Munich in Germany9) LMU Munich in Germany

Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich is one of the top universities in Europe. It has 13% international students in its entire student body. It offers courses such as sciences, arts, humanities, and technology. Upon graduation, a student earns credit which is based on European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

University of Helsinki in Finland10) University of Helsinki in Finland

Over 90% of the international students who attended this university recommend it to other students too. It is among the top 1% universities known for research in the world. It also offers the ECTS credit to its students.

Europe has hundreds and hundreds of universities. These universities are open to international students and researchers. Lately, these have acquired ECTS crediting and English teaching programmes to increase efficiency in dealing with different students.