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Welcome to the Bible Light and Truth Website. The Bible is an important book in lives of Christians. It is inspired by God. Also, it is most importantly, the Bible contains the message of God to us. It contains the message of peace and also the message about the hope of salvation.

However, these messages cannot be accessed without deep knowledge about the scripture. In the knowledge of the scriptures, we are able to put our faith in Jesus Christ. As a result, the faith in Christ gives us hope in our future as well as the peace of mind. This makes the Bible the most useful book in the life of Christians.

Although Bible provides addresses in details about hope of salvation, many people are yet to learn this. Mostly, people ask on how they can be able to discover the hope of salvation message which is addressed in the Bible. By reading the Bible solely, these people do not understand its meaning and its address on the hope of salvation.

However, it only through regularly Bible reading and eventual understanding it into depth that enhances the individuals to learn about its address on salvation. Through reading the Bible closely, individuals can be able understand the Gospel message and its true hope.

With less or deeper understanding of the scriptures, the Bible Light and Truth website can be your source of help. The website has several pages which offer essential content which increases our knowledge on the scriptures and the hope of salvation in the Gospel.

Therefore, all you may need to do is to seek the truth yourself. This can only be achieved through studying and reading as well as understanding the Bible by self. With this, you will be able to understand the truth in the God’s message to us. You will be able to learn about the promises that God made to us in the Bible.

The Bible Light and Truth website offers help in understanding the Bible through its Bible study notes. These notes can be accessed through checking the Web pages for Bible Light and Truth. At the same time, you can get your own notes through requesting the notes via email.

You may choose to access Bible Light and Truth’s Magazine reading and studying help in different ways. Firstly, you may request for the Bible Reading Companion. This can be accessed easily through email. The Bible Reading Companion offers help to those reading and studying the Bible. It improvises means through which increased understanding of the Bible by the readers in enhanced.

Secondly, you may use the Bible Light and Truth website itself as your aid for reading and studying the Bible. Through the Bible Light and Truth web pages, you can easily access various subjects meant to aid readers in understanding the Bible.

The subjects contained in the web pages revolve around the Bible and its contents. These include: Articles about Bible such as what is the Bible, where it came from, and how to effectively read it, the Bible and Archeology, study aids such as booklets and books, and also Parables of Jesus. Therefore, the web pages can help you read and also understand the Bible.


Bible Light and Truth Magazine

God does control the affairs of the nations, and will shortly bring about the accomplishment of His purpose with the earth.

Bible light and truth magazine is an e-zine which is normally is a bi-monthly Bible with illustrations. The Bible Magazine comes online every single month with no charges. Lately, this magazine has grown popular due to its ability to attract many frequent users on monthly basis.

Despite the magazine coming up online every month, it is free of charge. You can easily log in to your best browser and access the magazine each time you want every month. By easily downloading it, you will be able to view the content of the magazine every time you may need to use it.

Normally, the magazine is electronically published and uploaded on the internet. It is published in a PDF format in order to make it simple for the users to download it and store it over their personal computers of smartphones. At the same time, the magazine in PDF format can be easily read thus increasing the ability to view its contents.

There is a reason why the magazine publishers have devoted to make it free despite publishing and uploading it online using their resources. The magazine is devotion in assisting the people from all parts of the world in understanding and learning about the Gospel and the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Through the use of the internet, it is easy for the readers to access the contents of the magazine with ease. The internet is available in all parts of the world. Therefore, this limits the restrictions which may limit people from accessing and using the magazine.

The magazine contains different topics and contents from the Bible. These topics and contents are discussed and thoroughly reviewed. Therefore, this increases the simplicity of understanding the topics and contents. At the same time, it increases the potential of the people to understand the Bible into depth.

For those with a light knowledge of the Bible, the magazine is a solution for them. It brings up the contents and topics of the Bible while also expounding them into details in order to enhance a deeper understanding by the readers.

Also, for the people who have a deep knowledge in the Bible, the magazine may also translate as a useful bit for them. It increases the knowledge of the Bible. At the same time, it helps them in translating different verses and topics outlined in the Bible.

The magazine also contains thoughtful and provoking articles concerning the word of God and also about God. This ignites thoughts, concerns, and even further research. The readers can therefore reflect on their lives and the occurrences in the world. This helps in understanding more about the events and prophesies which are in the Bible.

A deeper knowledge about the Bible as well as strong faith in Lord Jesus Christ serves us with the hope about the future. Therefore, one of the goals of the Bible Truth and Light Magazine is to increase your knowledge in Bible and faith Christ. This will be a source of strength in this world which is associated with difficulties.

If you may need to download the magazine, you can simply follow this link and click “Download Now”.


Prophecy and the Kingdom of God

Most of the biblical content address prophesies about the future. At times, the happenings that take place in different places in the world showcase the Bible as being accurate in everything it says. Many events in the current world are appearing as prophesies which have been outlined in the Bible which have come true.

Therefore, with prophesies acting as the evidence, we can easily predict about the future events. According to the Concordance by Well Strong, a prophecy is when a prophet speaks forth in divine inspiration. It is also prediction with an idea of foretelling the events that will take place in future especially about the Kingdom of God. A prophecy is also uttering forth in declaring something which can only be known through divine revelation.

Today, many people are seeking horoscope and fortune telling as a way to learn about their future. However, this is contrary to what Christianity requires about us. Instead of learning about the future from fortune and horoscope, we should read the Bible and relate its prophecies with our future.

However, horoscope and fortunes only talks about generalizations about different issues. Thus, it is impossible for individuals to predict what will happen in the future. Generalization on different issues in the world may not be able to showcase the future about individuals.

Instead, people should make predictions which are necessarily based on the likelihood and possibilities of taking place. Unlike the horoscope and the fortune tellers, the Bible’s prophecies about the future can provide us with guidelines and instructions about the future. We can solely rely on the Bible in order to learn about our future and what we will pass through in times to come.

The Bible is straight-forward in talking about the events of the future and what will take place. It does not use riddles and vagaries in explaining what will happen later in future. Rather, it directly promises us on what will happen.

For example, in the books of Revelation, Psalms, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, and John among other biblical books, the Bible promises that Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. By then, the Kingdom of God will come to us. Every righteous soul will leave the earthly live and go to heaven.

Throughout the race to Heaven, the Bible guides us through outlining some of the events that will take place before the eventual Kingdom of God. These are the events that will take place in the non-so-distant future in the world. They include: signs of Jesus Return, Rebuilding Jerusalem, and the Great King.

These events are believed to affect everybody in the world, for instance, the emergence of different technologies in almost every front of the life of human beings. Technologies are believed to be among the leading cause of disease, deaths, and paganism in the world.

In the wake of these events and changes in the world, the Bible shows that the Kingdom of God will soon be with us. However, it will not be for the souls that have given themselves out to the earthly things. Rather, it will be for those who have devoted themselves to serve Christ as they live in this world.


The Bible and Archeology

Through archeology, scientists are able to learn about the artifacts and human antiquities. Normally, these materials are gained through excavation from underground using tools such as spades.

The Bible portrays archeology on how the bulk information in it was literally unearthed through patience and devotion. This was done in order to showcase the historical accuracy of the Bible as the word of God. Archeology was used by the writers of the Bible in their bid to chronologically show how events took place during different times.

The Bible has mentioned thousands and thousands of lands. These lands were home to many people who lived there in the years that have past. Using the artifacts which were adapted from these mentioned lands, the Bible is able to show the custom and lives of the people who lived there.

However, some of the readers and critics portray the Bible as inaccurate and even unreliable in showing the chronological history of events. To them, the Bible does not clearly show the date or the century during which events took place. Mainly, the Bible necessitates on the people and the place where they lived without showing the date.

For instance, the Israelite’s were enslaved by Egyptians in the land of Egypt. Later, Moses was by God to deliver them from the slavery. God also sent Moses to lead the Israelite’s to the land of promise which was known as Canaan. However, despite the Bible mentioning the Israelite’s, Egyptians, Egypt, and Canaan, it does not show the date when the events took place.

Nonetheless, the Bible readers and researchers have essentially located places, sites, structures, and materials which can be used to accurately locate events and their dates. Today, many place such as Israel still retains some of the most famous places where events in the Bible took place. Therefore, those who visit Israel can be able to see these places.

Israel is still recognized as God’s land since the ancient times. In 2 Samuel 5: 7-9, Joab climbed a shaft in order to take up the city of Jerusalem, the then Jebus, for his king, David. This is also stated in 1 Chronicles 11: 5-7. The shaft on which Joab climbed is still present in Israel up to today.

Another famous place to watch in Israel is the King Hezekiah’s tunnel. In the present date Israel, the tunnel can be seen stretching from Gihon’s spring all the way up to Siloam’s pool. This tunnel is stated in the Bible in the verse, 2 Kings 20: 20. It is also another present visible place which can be used to locate the history of events which are outlined in the Bible.

Other places which visitors can view in Israel include: the Citadel of Jerusalem, actual scrolls at Qumram near the Dead Sea, and also the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was crucified. Also, visitors can see the Herod’s fortress palace remains where Jesus was initially paraded and mocked before being sent to the Pilate for condemnation.

Essentially, most of these places show the artifacts and antiquities which show the early history and events which are represented in the Bible. Archeologists can easily use these materials and structures to locate the date when the events took place.


Top 10 Churches In Venice, Italy

Italy has a long history of churches and religion especially in the region of Venice. These include basilicas, cathedrals, and worship centers. Research shows that Venice has over 250 different churches which are all functional even up to today. Here is a list of top 10 churches in this region.

 Churches In Venice, Italy1) Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of St. Mark

This is one of the Roman Catholic churches in Venice. It was started in the 11th century and it was completed in 1092. The church is within the Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Venice. In addition to that, the church has been known for long as Chiesa d’Oro (Church of Gold) to represent wealth and power.

 Churches In Venice, Italy2) Basilica of SS. Giovanni E Paolo

It is also known as the Basilica of San Zanipolo or the Basilica of Saints John and Paul. It grew famous due to its funerary monuments on the ground where these two saints were buried. Since the 13th century, the church has had many visitors who aim to see the funeral monuments.

 Churches In Venice, Italy3) Basilica Del Santissimo Redentore

This church grew famous after the plague that affected many people in the region of the Giudecca Island region. As many people sought for survival in the church, it became viewed as the haven for the rebirth. It has the paintings and designs which were invented by famous artists such as Jacopo Tintoretto and Pietro Vecchia.

 Churches In Venice, Italy4) Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

The church was used early as a landmark to trace the Grand Canal. It was also a safe haven for the people of Venice who were escaping the plague in the 17th century. After the plague, the church became a common place for worship among the people.

 Churches In Venice, Italy5) Chiesa di San Franscesco della Vigna

It was a project designed and developed by Jacopo Sansovino. The church’s bell tower can be seen from far distances. It has served the people’s need for worship and sacred functions since the 15th century.

 Churches In Venice, Italy6) Santa Maria Matter Domini

Since the 10th century, this church has been an essential ground for social gatherings and for worship purposes. The church was designed and built by the contribution of Jacopo Sansovino and Pitro Lombardo. It has an altar that depicts the Vision of St. Catherine the Martyr.

 Churches In Venice, Italy7) The Church of San Sebastiano

The church’s history goes deep into 15th century. However, it got consecrated in the later centuries. It is found in the Dosoduro district of Venice. It has very many peintings depicting the early stories in the Bible, for example, stories about Esther and the last supper.

 Churches In Venice, Italy8) San Stefano

This church is in Campo Santo Stefano. The ground on which the church was constructed was used for social gatherings and worship since the 8th century. Later on, the church was constructed and completed by 15th century. It is among the parish churches in Vicariate of San Marco-Castello.

 Churches In Venice, Italy9) San Zan Degola’

This is a Russian Othordox Church which is in Snta Croce in Venice. It dates its worship and social operations from the 11th century. The church was supported by Pesaro Family who led to most of its development.

 Churches In Venice, Italy10) Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

This church is in San Paolo Campo dei Frari. It was constructed in the Venetian Gothic style of architecture. It has operated for than 10 centuries and it highly values the contribution of saints such as Virgin Mary, Bartolomeo, John the Baptist, Paul, and John in the faith of the church.


Since the 10th century, Venice has been the center for religion and worship. It attracted many people towards constructing churches and worship centers. Mainly, the Roman Catholic Churches dominated the region. However, there are also many other churches in the region.

Attractions In Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. This famous city has a lot of attraction sites that draws many visitors throughout the year. With the knowledge of these attraction sites, it is possible for you to plan a successful trip in advance. The following is a guide on these attraction sites:

Golden Circle Tour1) Golden Circle Tour

Your trip to Reykjavik may not produce a meaning if you do not visit golden circle. Here, you have a chance to swim in naturally hot water in the springs. At the same time, you can enjoy your afternoon watching the shooting springs.

Hallgrímskirkja Church2) Hallgrimskirkja Church

This church is among the largest churches in Iceland. It was named after its pastor and a poet namely Hallgrimur Petursson. The church is located at Skolavorduhaed hill, which is also an attraction site too. At the church, you may also enjoy a view to the Perlan on the Oskjuhlid hills.

Reykjavik Old Harbor 3) Reykjavik Old Harbor

This harbor is next to the Atlantic Ocean. It is large and it also has an enormous beach where many people goes for picnics, swimming, and even fishing. Apart from this, you can enjoy watching the whales of Iceland and birds in this natural site.

Northern Lights (Aurora) at Reykjavik 44) Northern Lights (Aurora) at Reykjavik

The northern lights can be perfectly viewed from Reykjavik in areas such as Grotta. Also, you can view them from the Seltjarnarnes’ seaside. Before and after sunrise and sunset, the northern lights are produced by the reflection of sunlight.

Saga Museum 5) Saga Museum

The Saga Museum is a center for historical and cultural functions. The museum holds different cultural events to depict the culture of the people of Iceland. Also, it has numerous historical figures which attract many learners and visitors.

Reykjavik Art Museum 6) Reykjavik Art Museum

This is the largest visual art exhibition center in Iceland. it has three main branches in the city of Reykjavik in Hafnarhus, Kjarvalsstaoir, and Asmundur. The museum was founded in 1973 as a center to gather the culture and artwork from Iceland and other places.

The Sun Voyager 7) The Sun Voyager

This is a famous sculpture which was developed by Jon Gunnar Arnason in Reykjavik. This sculpture was necessarily made to depict the Viking ship and culture. The Vikings kingdom is believed to be based in Iceland.

Alingishúsi8) Alingishúsi

This is a structure which has remained stable for over 1,000 years. It was constructed during the era of the Vikings kingdom at the region of Austurvöllur. Through this structure, the early famous Iceland architecture can be witnessed. Furthermore, it has a national library and an art gallery which increases the number of visitors.

Volcano House in Iceland 9) Volcano House in Iceland

This is an exhibition for Geology which is found in Tryggvagata in Reykjavik. This is an education and a tourist attraction center which offers learning about geological and volcanic systems as well as their history in Iceland.

Tjörnin10) Tjörnin

Trörjin is a small lake which is in the outskirts of Reykjavik city. The lake stretches next to the Reykjavik City Hall and National Gallery of Iceland. It also makes it way to the center of the city.

Reykjavik is a home to numerous attraction sites which are famous across the world. You can visit Reykjavik during any season of the year. Also, the city has many hotels and restaurants. Therefore, you can be assured of safe accommodation as well as a wide range of meals during your trip.

The Best Universities In Europe

Studying in Europe has never been easier like it is today. This is because Europe has several universities which are famously known across the world. They offer a wide range of top quality courses to both local and international students. These include:

University of Cambridge in UK 1) University of Cambridge in UK

University of Cambridge is famously known as a hallmark for academic excellence. With commendations such as Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Cambridge has gained a lot of credibility due to its immense development.

ETH Zurich in Switzerland 2) ETH Zurich in Switzerland

It is one of the top science and technology universities in Europe. ETH has produced several Nobel laureates such as Fritz Haber and Wolfgang Pauli. Being in Switzerland, it is in an appropriate nation for agricultural, sciences, and technology courses.

Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in Paris, France 3) Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in Paris, France

ENS is known for its strict application as well as learning process. However, it is also best in achieving the best grades among students in diploma, degree and post-degree courses. You can enjoy learning French as you learn other courses such as arts, sciences, and languages.

Aarhus University in Aarhus Denmark4) Aarhus University in Aarhus Denmark

Aarhus University is known for its open treatment to its students. In as much as the university is geared to maintaining top grades to retain its reputation, it also encourages students to have fun in weekend clubs and parks. It offers courses in business, arts, health, science, and technology.

Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland 5) Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland

This university offers different undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as science, languages, technology, and business. This university is among the top universities in UK.

University of Oxford in England, UK6) University of Oxford in England, UK

According to BeingLike.com, Oxford University is the oldest university in UK. It has been under operation since 1167. With over 50 postgraduate and over 150 undergraduate courses, the university is a solution to many students. It has numerous facilities such as laboratories, resource centers, libraries, computing facilities, and botanical garden.

History of Hermetic philosophy and related currents. Amsterdam University Netherlands7) University of Amsterdam in Netherlands

This university has over 160 degree programs which are taught in English. The university is largely known for its international approach in education. Currently, it has over 3,000 students and researchers from over 100 countries.

University of Bologna in Italy8) University of Bologna in Italy

It was founded in 1088. Thus, it is believed to be the first or the oldest university in Europe. In 2014-15, the university recorded the largest number of students in Europe with a total number of 85,000 students. It has a couple of degree programs in business, social and natural sciences, hospitality, leisure, and sports, mathematics, arts, and engineering. Some of these courses are offered in English.

LMU Munich in Germany9) LMU Munich in Germany

Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich is one of the top universities in Europe. It has 13% international students in its entire student body. It offers courses such as sciences, arts, humanities, and technology. Upon graduation, a student earns credit which is based on European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

University of Helsinki in Finland10) University of Helsinki in Finland

Over 90% of the international students who attended this university recommend it to other students too. It is among the top 1% universities known for research in the world. It also offers the ECTS credit to its students.

Europe has hundreds and hundreds of universities. These universities are open to international students and researchers. Lately, these have acquired ECTS crediting and English teaching programmes to increase efficiency in dealing with different students.

Iceland Golden Circle Bus Tour: Gullfoss, Geysir, National Park

Your travel to Golden Circle in Reykjavik, Iceland has been made easy by bus tours. You do not need to organize self transportation to the most attractive sites in Iceland. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the direction to the sites since the buses will take care of that.

Golden Circle tour takes you to the most popular geological wonder in the world at the Thingvellir National Park. Also, through touring in this region, you will experience the most recent farming strategies using greenhouse and technology.

What are the Places to Access during the Golden Circle Bus Tour?

Right from the Iceland city of Reykjavik, you can board buses to take you to the Golden Circle tour regions. The Golden Circle tour depends on the region that the visitors in a bus agree to visit or according to the schedules. Some of the places visited in the Golden Circle Bus Tour include:

Gullfoss1) Gullfoss

Gullfoss is a famous waterfall which is found in the Hvita River at the Golden Circle region in the southwest of Iceland. The water fall is among the most attractive sites in the country offering view of the natural beauty of the Iceland region.

The double waterfalls drain a lot of water down the river leaving moisture in the air. This moisture is reflected by the sunlight to form golden and rainbow rays which can be viewed from the sides of the waterfall. Gullfoss is inclusive in most of the Golden Circle bus tours offered at Reykjavik

Geysir Iceland2) The Great Geysir

The Geysir is also among the most visited regions during the Golden Circle tours. It was formed during eruption-filled earthquakes at Mt. Hekla which also affected Haukadalur. Haukadalur is a famous geothermal valley which spouts regularly to produce water which is heated with geothermal energy.

The Geysir can shoot waters up to heights of 60 to 90 meters in the atmosphere. It has a diameter of about 20 meters which is filled by hot water during the spouting. Every time tourists attend the area, they like throwing stones and objects into the area. Therefore, the Geysir is has been affected slightly by these waters. However, it is still functional and attractive up to today.

Rift valley, Thingvellir, Pingvellir National Park, Iceland, Europe3) Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir Park is located in the southwest part of Iceland. You only need to travel for 40 km from Reykjavik to reach this park. Many visitors attending their Golden Circle tour must attend the Thingvellir National Park. This place has remained highly attractive to many visitors since 1930.
The park has natural features such as Oxaca River, volcanic eruption view at Skjaldbreidur Mountains, and hot springs. The eruptions activities lead to high temperatures in the core of the earth which warms the springs in Thngvellir Park.

Thus, many people attend this place in order to enjoy watching all the above natural activities and also to enjoy bathing in naturally hot water. The park also has many wild animals and plants which also attracts visitors.


The Golden Circle bus tour is a spectacular experience that you can enjoy during different periods within the year. Camping in Golden Circle region will also give you a chance to view the aurora especially during early mornings and late evenings.